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Carving our niche in this landscape, we represent some of the leading personalities from Sport (domestic & foreign) and Entertainment alike.
Show you opportunities for connecting products and services to create new customer experiences and business models. Develop solutions that make use of sensors, wireless communications, cloud services, mobile apps, analytics and wearable technology. With a shift in global communication strategy of companies, web and social media presence have become the primary means to engage with the target audience for a brand. Celebrity Brand Value now includes their following and growth on social media. This further adds to their brand value.

Social media strategy includes a lot more than the number of posts per day. It is about understanding your target audience and putting the right strategy in place for the brand/celeb to engage your audience. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. continue to grow in popularity at an astounding rate.

A website with that provides the right user experience and messaging is paramount since this is the first place any consumer will look to get information about you and to connect with you

It boils down to this - taking your message out there, adapting it to fit the mood and trends in social media, and making sure that the right people hear from you. And that’s exactly what we do.