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Using Google Analytics for your Business | 19 Feb, 2018 |

Google Analytics is fundamentally a free web analytical service providing statistics and essential analytical tools used for online marketing purposes. It serves small and medium sized retail websites with efficient search engine optimization (SEO). This service is available for anyone having a Google Account. Google being the pioneer of search engines has the privilege on the Internet considering web analytic services.

Harsh Goenka, chairman, RPG Enterprises, explained why traditional business is focussing on startups. “In today’s age of disruption, businesses are being challenged by new technologies and quantum leaps in product and service innovation. To scout and invest in new businesses is no longer a matter of choice but necessary to be future-ready for the next few decades,” he said.

Salient Features of Google Analytics:

1.Data Visualization:

There are tools that can track performance of your most important data linked in the Dashboard area. Change the dates here and you’ll have an overview of the statistics required to manage your business.

2. Segmentation:

Advance tools are available monitoring campaigns bringing up maximum traffic and conversions. Regular and right segmentations will enable you to find out the ROI with respect to your social media campaign.

3. Data Import:

Imports all your data together and segregate them under a single set space with Google Analytics Data Import. CRM or content management and systems as such supporting data import functionality with available data types like –user, content, cost, product, campaign, refund and custom data; benefits in leading your online business fronts.

4. Product Integration:

Several Google products and intermediary technologies are integrated by Google Analytics.

AdWords: The performance of your campaign is studied on the basis of AdWords imported by Google Analytics.

AdSense: Helps in understanding the relevance of ad positioning on different ad spaces like websites, mobile sites and search research sites. Thus, content publishers and bloggers can effectively make money.

Google Display Network: GDN helps to understand, create, manage and determine the progress of a campaign with the help of Google AdWords.

5.Determined Custom Reports::

Google Analytics give you a detailed report of visitors’ location demographics and average time of visit on your set up ad campaign. You become aware of visitors bringing the most possible conversion rates. We can track down the stats of different countries and our goal conversion rates in particular regions.

6.Data Activation:

The expertise here lies in making smarter marketing decisions. Besides, it avails the business host effortlessly activating data that experiments with different channels and content set for the marketing campaign.

Generates alerts after monitoring your website’s traffic detecting statistical elements and its variations.

Testing the variations of your web pages that reduces the guesswork from website design and enable with conversions.

Locates essential as well as existing customers using your websites or apps who are likely to be following some of your products or services. The relevant ads are shown on your pages or sites for those who regularly surf the internet.

Above all, the crucial aspect about SEO or online marketing is best served when things are kept simple. Given that simple things attracts a larger audience to get engaged with a set campaign.